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Transforming the Delivery of Vaccines To The World

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What We Do

PlantPharm BioMed, Ltd. is a leading-edge biotechnology firm that has developed a proprietary platform for the production of edible (oral solid dose) vaccines and biopharmaceuticals which are multiplied using plants as stable genetic carriers.

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Safe - Effective
Plant-based clonal propagation
produces stable & reliable
Oral Dosage
Delivered directly to the gastro-intestinal tract where immunization is more effective than intramuscular injections.
Eliminates Hypodermic Needles
Removes the fear of 'the jab' and prevents potential re-use of needles.
Prevents degradation of vaccines during shipment and delivery, especially where cold-chain protection is not possible.
Simplified Dosage Dispensing
Eliminates the need for medically trained delivery to patients.
Natural Filtration
Protecting against contaminants that are common in other biopharma manufacturing systems.
Reduces Waste
No disposal required for needles and other peripheral medical equipment.

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